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So, today was...interesting.

There was a conflict between my billiards group, and the other group that we were playing...mainly because one of the people in my group was disrespectful, and being an asshole about playing one of their lower ranked players. He was basically making it really known that he was sand bagging when he was playing her. He was very disrespectful, but I didn't really like it that the other team's captain reacted the way he did...almost egging him into a fight. I don't like conflict, but I was torn because, on one hand, the "asshole" of my group is considered a friend of mine (about a light-medium depth friend), and when I have friends I want to protect them... but, on another hand, he didn't seem put off by the conflict, and he wasn't hurt by the other guy's words or threats.

So, on one hand, there was an urge to help him if he needed it....but on another he seemed to be getting enjoyment out of the conflict, so there wasn't any need.

I didn't really do anything but basically say, "So, can we try to act like adults now?" when the moment felt right...and that kind of made them pause a little, but that was it. I swear, it felt like a couple of kids complaining about who would get to have the toy (toy=winning points)... it was so...blah.

I suppose I expect adults to act differently. I don't know.

A storm swung by here again, making the lights flicker a bit a little while ago. My cat that was indoors didn't seem to like it. She kind of just cowered. My other two cats were outside...though one of them came in when the weather got a little better. The other one is outside still, but she's smart, so I'm certain she's under the house or something keeping warm and safe. (Or in the woods, she seems to go up there from time to time.)
I'm actually pretty afraid of the reaction that some had to the storms. Some stores wouldn't even open to sell water to people that had their power go out...and wouldn't even sell water to people with children that needed formula. Some people also had to get water out of the stream or river. (Granted, we are lucky that the streams and rivers here are clean enough to drink, but I'm surprised that stores would just close without having water to sell to people.)

I just don't understand corporate willful ignorance.

Speaking of corporate ignorance, I learned today what happens when we drill for natural gas. Apparently it pollutes the surrounding water so badly, that some people can light the water that comes out of their tap on fire, it is so flammable. It also kills the fish, and the surrounding wildlife. It's ridiculous. It's like we just expect to keep taking and taking from the environment, and everything will be okay, because, as one person put it, "we will adapt." Sure..we'll adapt right into the extinction of ourselves, and the other animals on this planet.
But, on that note, I believe it may be time to go to bed. Hopefully I may get a job at one of those ignorant corporations (Kroger) tomorrow. :wink:
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