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Well, today was pretty good. Didn't do all that much, but slept a lot, played some old school Super Nintendo games (Lufia and The Fortress of Doom, Bust-A-Move, and Equinox, anyone?) Also played some Tales of Vesperia with the SO today. I played Rita, the mage. She's my favorite character besides Estelle, but apparently I'm more of a mage than a healer, though I admire healers. It's kind of strange.
It's the same way with other games, like WoW, or what have you. I feel the urge to be a healer...but the execution isn't there. I more prefer to weild some sort of holy magic, or just regular magic like a mage, or a wizard...though a druid class is very appealing as well. Be one with the nature, and all of that
jazz. :wink:

But yes. I had a very good day. Me and the SO told our billiards group that we wouldn't be playing pool tonight, because...well, like I said yesterday, we've been having to go somewhere every day, and it's nice just to stay at home, chill out, and just play video games all day. It may sound boring to some, but to us, it's a haven that lets us kind of escape a little bit. Kind of like when you get immersed in a good book. You just seem to escape the everyday world, and get caught up in what the writer had constructed for you...being transported to an imagined world that may conform to the real world, but not be of it....
Kind of like how I feel a lot of times in groups where I don't know the people.

Speaking of which... meeting tomorrow that I'm not too jazzed about going to. It's all like "yay, let's feign conviviality with a bunch of people we don't know, that we can sense don't really much care, but pretend to care about the topic at hand, so that we can get some more hints on how to do our job effectively!" /sarcasm

Ah, but anyway, the comment from Feelings made me think of something...on how they commented how customer service seems to be horrid for me. It really is on some days, though I used to really like it. I just think I've become tired of people. I've become burned out with it, though I know I do it well, it's mainly because I've done it so much. It gets so boring to just do the same stuff/see the same customers every day.

And the funny thing is that a lot of the customers actually think that they know me. Very few people actually do know me. The ones that do, realize that I am at my core very critical...of myself, of everyone...of the way people do things, of everything. Hell, I have flow charts in my mind for every stupid little task that I do...from washing dishes, to being online, to everything. It just seems to be how my mind is situated. I micromanage myself to death.

I really envy people that don't do this....that just go through their day, knowing what they have to do, and then doing it, but not having umpteen steps form in their head for what they have to get done, how to do it, infinitum. Blah.

But plan tomorrow is to go to the employment commission and try to put in for some different jobs, go to the meeting, pick up my check, cash it, go home.

A thought is running around my head that maybe I could just call and tell them that I couldn't find where the meeting was at...and just skip it, doing my other errands... But I suppose that that wouldn't get very much done, as there IS a sign that says if we don't go to these things then we get taken off the schedule. I wonder if that's a nice way to say that we would get fired? Hah. I dunno.

But, anyway...I shall let this post peter out into the interwebs now. Till next time....
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