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I have many faults. I know that. This post is by no means a pity party, I am not a victim of them, some of my faults even make me laugh at my blundering mistakes. This post is also not a plea for help on how to solve my faults. I'm not looking for "if you do X you can solve Y", but if you feel like writing that, cool, but that's not my goal here. Rather, I am writing this because I feel like it's good to share my flaws, as we all connect in this human experience, I can say, look I'm not perfect. Many people think I'm rad, others not so much. And I agree with both.

I got into a row with my INFJ sister today, I love her to pieces (many of you may recognize me mentioning her in many of my posts). She is undoubtedly my best friend, so sometimes, we do step on each others' feet. So Bear, I know you think I can be an arrogant prick sometimes. And you're right I can be. But I'm not thoroughly convinced it's always a bad thing. Is it arrogance if it's true :bored:? Though I know I sometimes piss you and others off because of it, so I am sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I don't always mean to be though, it's NOT that I don't think anyone else isn't gifted, I just get so excited and IN THE MOMENT about celebrating my unique and special talents that I won't shut up about them, BUT that doesn't mean that I don't think that anyone else is as cool as me. In fact, I think you all are (which is also why I tell you how cool you are ten times a day.) And the other times, I am just a straight up arrogant git. And I own that.

Sometimes I have no concept of personal space. Sorry guy that I just met tonight who's lap I'm sitting on. But it's just I'm SO open and I sometimes forget that others are not as down for sharing a close space. Though I can usually be unnaturally perceptive to others emotions around me, so I don't want to invade people's boundaries. But sometimes my little censor gets broken and I'm touching some stranger's arm/ five inches away from his face when he's talking or hugging a girl I met an hour ago. I just wanna show, usually TOO enthusiastically, that I accept and value you! *HUGS* Ummmm she's so in mah gril, touching my arm and shoulder. (I usually hang out with gangsters.) That or they think I'm too aggressive. Anyway, it pisses a ton of people off. So sorry guys. I'll try to not be so in the moment and get swept up and invade your space.

I feel everything too strongly. I feel the grass growing. I feel the wind blowing. I feel the way this music moves. I feel stuff. and it wears people out from it. because not everyone wants to feel all the time or talk about their feelings.

Which leads too, I can be way too much in people's emotional ish. I could really care less if i met you ten minutes ago, we are two souls in the human experience, lets experience the emotions of life. i genuinely want to know how you're feeling. How are you doing? Actually. I know that's weird. but I really want too. I forget that not everyone is down with exploring emotional depths with a stranger and they get mad.

I have a ridiculously high need for emotional honesty. Few people can meet it. This level of need can even be annoying to myself, and really be emotionally draining. I just need you to communicate, your ideas yes, but I really crave what's going on with your relationships and your inner feelings. And if we are having an issue with our relationship, I want to TALK. LOTS. and solve it.

I'm late 90% of the time. I'm the messiest person on the planet (yes, it's me who just found a two week old rotting banana with larva on it in her purse today, that was the stench you were smelling.).

Bear and I terminally disagree on this. Evidently I am some kind of masochist because I find an odd beauty even in dark emotions, simply because of the intensity of them. So many feel nothing in this world, so I will even value the pain I feel, not just the joy.

I have many more but we'll stop there, cause I could go on forever.

Sorry to everyone I offend, which is many and everyday. And for those who forgive and love me anyway, thanks :blushed:. I hope I can repay you with the intensity of my love that I have in my heart for you.
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