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So I recently got a new job yesterday; it's a better fit for me with more hours than my previous job.. which i still have by the way, because i enjoy it it small bursts and i just like helping out when they need me..

I had it in my mind that if i got hired by this new job, that i would tell my other job that i would prefer to be taken off the schedule, and only be "on-call"... like they call me on short notice to see if i could come in.. or i want some hours, so i call my department manager, and she gives me one shift or two..

This has actually been the case for the past few weeks.. i wouldn't be scheduled, then I'd call my dept manager, this younger girl around my age, and she'd put me on a night shift.. one day this guy called in sick, so this dept manager called me and asked if i could come in..

So yesterday i had my job interview, and they hired me.. so as planned, i went straight to my old job to find my dept manager and tell her my new availability preference.. she wasn't there, so i talked to the assistant store manager.. she's actually really nice and we get along much better than the store manager and i.. she's kinda on the employees side, and stands up for them and doesn't act like a macho boss lady..

anyways, when i told her that I'm busy and prefer to be off the schedule and only come in if i call them, or they call me.. she said casually, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!".. she also said she wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this.. i then told her I'd talk to the store manager tomorrow, since my dept manager isn't here this weekend..

So today i came in, talked to my manager, told her the same thing i told the assistant manager.. and she then said "why don't you just call it quits?", and she then went on to explain how this job isn't a good fit for me etc, how i don't do my job etc.. her and i have REALLY butt heads so often, more than any manager I've ever had. She does not like me! I'm always extremely polite and respectful and sensitive, but she is still a harsh lady, definitely an ESTJ all the way, so you can see the conflict we have!!

Anyways, i told her that I'm not looking to quit.. and had to kinda plead with her a bit to not fire me.. she then said that she would put me as a "seasonal employee", which at first i thought meant after the holidays I'm gone.. but apparently it means just what i wanted; that they call me if they need me, or i do if i want hours. So I'm a permanent employee, I'm just not scheduled regularly unless they need extra help, someone calls in etc..

After all this, it really stressed me out a bit because i felt like i did more damage then if i didn't say anything..
But at the same time, if i said nothing, then I'd be scheduled probably on a day that conflicts with my other job, and I'd have to cancel and i hate not being available to help out.

I figured maybe i should've just waited until my department manager came in, and talked to her privately about it.. let her know to take me off the schedule and only call me if necessary/if i call for hours.. but then again, everyone gossips so she probably would've told the store manager.

I just really don't want to lose this job. I like keeping my options open with two jobs.
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