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Did you ever date an ENFJ?

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If so, how did it go? What did you like/dislike about the ENFJ's behaviour in the relationship? :happy:
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I didn't date much, and now I'm married so I don't date at all. :p

However, I have an ENFJ sister. The dynamic is a little different with a sibling, but I'll throw in my 2 cents.

"Overflowing" is probably the best description I could give to my sister. She gives gifts as if it was a competition, she gushes with enthusiasm and affection, and she rages like a towering inferno. She's not shy about expressing herself, and she has strong opinions.

On the other hand, sometimes she's hard to read. She's guarded about her thoughts in a way that she really isn't with her feelings. I don't think she always understands me either. Sometimes she seems manipulative when she's being completely genuine and sincere. Everything about her is infused with the dramatic.

She devotes herself to her goals with dogged determination, goals that she set for herself in middle school. She shapes herself into what is necessary, physically and mentally, to reach those goals.
While I have never dated an ENFJ there is this girl at work who I have been having a bit of back and forth. I have mixed feelings about her because on one hand I am very much attracted to her and love to talk to her. She is a ton of fun and I can have crazy conversations that really amount to a whole lot of nothingness. On the other hand she can be damn impossible to read, one minute we are having a great conversation and later that day or week she will seem like she wants nothing to do with me. She was being very flirty so I asked her out once and she said yes but then when I went to nail down the details I didn't hear back from her and just ended up withdrawing my invitation because she wasn't responding at all. But now she invited me to a music festival (said no the first few times but I can say no only so many times to her unfortunately) so we will see how that goes.

To sum it up; you gals are great but also frustrate me to no end.
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o.o never seen or talked to one in my experience. This would depend on the ENFJ's personality thou, I mean sure, as I understand they are more social and friendly then ENFPs so sure, why not.
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