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I did!

But lately I've dropped down to once a week. I should really get back to three times a week. I don't know if/when I will.
With my health problems, especially the spine disease, I've had to cut to once a week--after a 10-year break from weight training, and it's OK:

Do what you have to do, what you 'can' do, and don't compare yourself to anyone else because no one else has another person's history, physique, problems--we're all unique in some way, and the ways that show up for us regarding exercise can make the difference between throwing in or using the towel.

I'm surprised at how well once a week works.

I focus on good body mechanics, not over-stressing joints, making sure to warm up enough and relax after while including three balance (yoga) poses.; one standing (The Tree) and two on the mat: The Table and a Plank variation.

Too many people put pressure on us humans to work out for appearances rather than improved and maintaining health, so there is a lot of brainwashing to counter-act, but we can do it, and go for personal best rather than competition or fantasy-driven goals.

So you keep it up @gte -- aging is hard enough, and comes to us all.
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