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Did the warm up stretching, usual rehab work for spine disease, then Core Strength: Ab work. Also, pelvic tilts, Low Bridge (yoga thing), some straight donkey kickbacks and some more mat work, then called it "good enough."

For motivation, I think it's important to share when we correct something that didn't work, so I wanted to give an update on my reducing all overhead exercises to almost nil.

I replaced the shoulder press with dumbbell row, made other changes like doing either a less intense side stretch with arms overhead or doing The Triangle with the one arm that is typically stretched far overhead instead placed behind my back.

I am not having "any" shoulder pain now, so this is working.

"Listen to your body" is an intuitive, internal kind of paying attention, and it involved thinking as opposed to feeling, i.e. toss out pride, ignore articles or images that depict awesome, striated, bulked up, super-impressive people because maybe some of them can handle the workouts they do; maybe--as we don't know these people--they spend a great deal of time recovering from injuries or popping meds to cope.

Each of us has a range of motions right for us as individuals, so find that range; same with intensity and time for each exercise, how many reps, and rest needed, then modify as you go along because what we can do today at a peak time and age is not what we can do ill, stressed, getting older, or coming off an injury that may be related but may be unrelated to our workout.

Exercise smart, not smug.

It's working for me, and I'm "old" compared to most members on here, which brings me to my next thought and comment:

Where are you @gte and the others who posted in here, or heck, anyone else? Y'all exercising... or do I need to go campaigning in the extraverted sections to get some motivation for myself. Just wondering... and sayin'

Where'd my exercise buddies go?
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