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I did my Big Weight Workout a day early because my husband has a horrid head cold, which I figure I have a strong chance of catching in the next day or two, i.e. had to get the workout done before the virus lays me low if not out of commission.

I added Shoulder Shrugs to my workout to help support my neck because of the cervical, other spine disease. If it helps, great; if it hurts in a bad way, it's out. I'll know by tomorrow or the next day if "too much" pops into my head after registering elsewhere.
ADDITION: What my shoulders look like now.

mar 6 2018__sports bra selfie__400 x 475 pixels.jpg

Let's see--if I keep the Shrugs--what they'll look like in a month or so. Appearance will indicate stronger, and for me, because of cervical, other spine disease, anything that supports & strengthens my trapeziums and erector spinae (various areas up and down the length, sides of my torso) is imperative for over all function.
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