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Yes, that was me. A year ago I was recovering from double hernia surgery and getting ready to collapse in the parking lot in front of the rec center. Been through a year of tests and still no definitive answer. Probably never will know exactly what happened. But I feel good and am getting some fitness back. I feel extremely luck to still be here.

I used to lay claim to the title of worlds greatest sand skier. In this first video it's me at 1:54, 3:10, and 4:26. The cute clumsy kite flyer is my spouse.

But then Candide made me have to relinquish my claim. ;-)
I'm so glad you're better. You were gone for a while, and my Friendship List gets so bloated I cannot easily find friends so I deleted your name. Now you're back. You gonna be around--far as you know--for a while, because I'd like to have you back on my List so I can more easily see how you're doing? Let me know either by sending or letting me know if it's cool to send you a Request. (I won't delete your name again.)

Cool video, and eh, who cares if someone else did what you did. With your history, and even without it, I love what you do, have done.


As for "Did I exercise today"? Surprised myself somewhat and did.

I thought I would have to take at least one more day off because of the stupid move I made with the left IT-Band but I wore a knee brace for hours day before yesterday, didn't pull any stunts, and I woke up without congestion or the usual fatigue, so I said, "Do it," and I did everything but the warm up walk.

Instead I made sure my room was warm enough but not too hot, and I did warm up stretches but no mat work, i.e. skipped abs, donkey kickbacks and all the rest, went directly from warm up stretches into dumbbell rows and on through the end with multi-directional calf raises.

I even did the Shrugs which I skipped last time because it would have been three trap focused exercises and I knew the virus was coming on.

I took breaks in between and used the heating pad afterward, just lying in bed breathing easy.

I feel great.

I was thinking about goals, how we have different ones, because I never wanted six pack abs. No knock on anyone who does or has 'em. I wanted, and now I am getting: Strength.

I was thinking the other night about Core Strength, comparing it to nuclear core, apple core and other cores... noting how one can't see the core with the naked eye, or say, with fruit, until the flesh is peeled away.

And I thought about body building vs. weight training. Also, weight training for strength vs. weight training for appearances, and then those who weight train for both.

I think a lot. :p

I'm glad to see so many more people in here sharing.

It doesn't matter what your kind of exercise is, how often you do it, why... Come share, because you're bound to run into someone who does or wants to do what you do, or get back into it, and in the meantime, I hope we really are motivating each other to hang in or get back on the mat, floor, bike...

or sand dune @telepariah.
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