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You can't find much because there's not much to find.

Tritype is only discussed by a particular duo of theorists (the Fauvres). That's the 584/583 stuff. You might find more on those tritypes on the 5 forum, and you can find 4 vs 3 stuff on those forums. But I doubt you'll find much on sx/sp stuff particular to 58* tritypes, and you certainly won't find any official-sounding information about what it would mean to be a 584 sx/sp ISTP specifically. I don't know of any fancy lit about MyersBriggs Enneagram combinations (unless we want to count Naranjo's cognitive function correlations, which iirc included no in-depth analysis), just random online people's opinions about them. You can ask what we think or believe, but afaik there's no book about ISTP sx-first 5s.

You'll have to stitch all your typings together yourself. Just like the rest of us.
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