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So I am trying to type my mother. She has taken several different tests to find her Briggs' type and she has consistently gotten INFJ and ISTJ. My best friend of seven years has tested as an ISTJ and I am pretty certain that my Grandmother is an INFJ. The thing is my mother has qualities of both types. I think she may veer toward INFJ from my interactions toward her but I want to have a more objective and educated perspective regarding her. Some hiccups I find with the INFJ profile for her is that she is very concrete and down to earth compared to me. She talks a lot about past events and how they impacted her growing up and also seems to use her visual surroundings to make judgments about things. I have a hard time knowing if she is picking up on patterns (N) or if she is using empirical cues (S) to make her judgments. As her INFP son she seems much more concrete and in the now then I am but that could just be my view of her and I could just be extremely esoteric compared to her on that front alone. My NF letters/numbers are my strongest ones.

My mother is very family oriented and is very open to lines of communication and talking about problems. She's always doing things for people to help them. She sends money to my Grandmother every month, she does tasks for my family and is very much the breadwinner in terms of support for my entire family. Whenever my cousins, aunts or Grandparents need help they know they can call on my mom for support. She is very reliable and loyal. My mother is also very much in tune to emotions, she knows straight off the bat when I speak to her on the phone if something is wrong. I don't even have to say two words she instantly knows something is up. She also gets very emotional around movies that are sentiment heavy. She has cried during religious masses, seeing Dr. Suess films and is very family oriented and sympathetic when others around her are hurt and in pain such as close friends and family.

That being said she is not typically overly emotional or even physically affectionate usually. She is more likely to support from a far and give support externally then to do face to face intimacy. She will support me by sending me text messages and emails that cheer me up, she'll buy something for me when I am feeling down, she is very much about making my life easier from a distance then being the doting mother who cooks, bakes and smothers. She also has a threshold where if people pass it she can cut them loose and limit her interactions with them, very much akin to a doorslamming technique but softer. Once she is hurt she never puts herself in a situation where she can be hurt again by them.

Looking at the cognitive processes the differences are noticeable but I am trying to find concrete examples of the differences between the two and how the crop up in everyday life.

ISTJ (Protector, Planner) - Se Ti Fi Ne
INFJ (Foreseer, Developer) - Ni Fe Ti Se

How would these cognitive processes interact with each other? And what would they look like from the outside?
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