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Hi there!
So.....the title pretty much sums up my question....there's an ESFP dude I know who has been very friendly towards me for the past semester (laughs at my jokes, always happy to see me, tells me I'm funny, does random dances or stupid things to get my attention, finds me and talks to me in social groups, asks me how I'm doing and apologizes if he interrupts me, staying up til 2am chatting about random stuff, patting me on the head for no reason) but since he's an ESFP I don't want to read into his actions since it might just be his outgoing personality coming through, ya know?
So I wanted to bring the question to any ESFPs out there who might wanna answer -- other than y'all straight up telling the person you liked them, are there any ways someone could tell that you have a crush as opposed to you just wanting to be friends with them?
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