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I couldn't make the title long enough to say what I wanted, which is this"
"Difficulty Resolving Differences Between Your Personality, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Variant Stacking."

For me I have a lot of time figuring all this out.

These are for me the major issues in this area:

-Being an autistic INFJ (I have talked about this elsewhere and I do use Fe pretty heavily -- I value people and harmony around me, I trust people, like people, take interest in people, but remain very naive and have more difficulty with cognitive empathy -- knowing and understanding the thoughts of others. I don't have a problem with emotional empathy as an adult).

-Being an INFJ enneagram 4 (4 appears to use more Fi than Fe, but I believe as a dominant or auxiliary Feeling can also cover some Fi, as well as mostly Fe. I do use a lot of Fi, but more Fe).

-Having Fe and caring a lot about getting along with people while having my social variant last by far (I do not follow the crowd, I don't feel that I need everyone to like me, though I do need people to accept me and not think I'm a "bad" person, I have anxiety, but not really social anxiety, my interest in people is better represented by sx (almost as strong as my sp) than so, not being aware of some social rules -- could be related to my autism).

Still, despite all these rationalizations, I still find it confusing to reconcile all these elements of me. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know:) I know I'm autistic and have been diagnosed repeatedly autistic, I looked stereotypically autistic and not even high-functioning as a child. I have known I'm an INFJ for a decade and read Jung's Psychological Types, relating to Introverted Intuition with auxiliary Feeling. And I've known I'm an enneagram 4 for a bit over a year. I *assumed* I was for years, but I only started studying the enneagram for a little over a year. I really relate to being a 4w3. My stacking I'm not as confident on in that I don't relate to *all* the descriptions the way I do for 4, however, I relate mostly to the sp descriptions and almost as much to sx descriptions. So usually I relate to a few things, but not most of it.

If anyone else wants to post about their own conflicts in this area, that would be great!:D
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