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I've recently gotten into typing and I find it incredibly interesting, but I'm having such a hard time typing myself. I'm positive I'm an introvert. I guess I could describe myself as always being inside my head, constantly in my own little world. I always have to make a conscious effort to snap back into reality. I find myself constantly thinking about the future rather than living in the present, and it's caused problems for me in the past. I have many interests and I spend a lot of my time on the internet, mainly looking things up and learning as much as I can about what I'm interested in at the moment. My interests vary a lot- in the past I've been obsessed with topics such as Noetic Science to the mind of serial killers (I know that sounds weird, but they're interesting.) I find the human mind fascinating.

I would say when I'm with others I'm pretty laid back, I'm usually more occupied with what's going on in my head than what's around me. The times I really enjoy engaging with others is when we disagree about a certain topic. I'm good at finding the flaws in others arguments. I often have to stop myself from getting too worked up though if it's a topic I feel really passionate about. I can easily sympathize with others and can see where they are coming from, but when I believe in something it's pretty much impossible to convince me I'm wrong. Also, I've always been more interested in the reasons why people make decisions rather than the decision itself. I'm known for getting lavish ideas but having a hard time carrying the ideas out. I'm good at getting the ideas, I just have a hard time executing them because I never know where to start.

I've taken the test and I've gotten both INTP and INFP. When I read the type descriptions I could relate to INTP, INFP, and INFJ. It's hard for me to decide if I'm a thinker or feeler because I feel like I'm good with logic and can easily turn that side of my brain on while talking to people, but I can easily sympathize with others and tend to go for what's morally right rather than ethically. I was also really sensitive as a kid (when I was younger I'd cry if someone said no to me or didn't eat all their peas because I didn't want their feelings to be hurt.) Honestly the only thing I'm certain of is that I'm an I. Anyone care to help? Also if it changes anything-I'm a 21 year old female.
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