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I've found that as I've gotten older (early 30s) my Ni has started to gain strength, and I think a part of that has been paying attention to my dreams. Our impulse is to take them literally, but often dreams can tell us subconsciously about things that are happening in our wakening lives that we just don't pay that much attention to. So having a dream about coming to work in your pajamas--well, it certainly doesn't mean I should actually do it, but maybe my dream is suggesting that that's an area of my life in which I've become a little too comfortable? That kind of thing. The goal of dreaming, I guess, is to help you see a situation from another angle--the way that Ni does in a simplistic way. It's helped me tremendously--I can't tell in the moment how I feel about things, so these kinds of dreams help me to better realize them.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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