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"Directed" by dreams? Listening? Even... superstition?

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I know this title sounds silly in a way, but I am just curious how seriously other ISFPs take their dreams. Not the silly ones really, but... Other ones?

I find I have based several of my... internal decisions on unexpected dreams. I find I have more "helpful" dreams in times of confusion. I don't interpret my dreams or anything like that, but they do cause me to think about things differently than before, and I get strong feelings, often accompanied by surprising and natural-feeling inner strength to accomplish something I was too weak to do before. I have been persuaded and sculpted by what I have dreamed before. These dreams can be extremely painful and fearful. I have never admitted to others, but these "fear dreams" have helped me let go of things that were bad for me several times. Or at least change my attitude. I still remember a couple of them from years ago, vaguely. Or at least what they made me think or realize.

I have never alluded to this much to anyone in real life, because it feels so silly, but be honest, do any of you find you trust your dreams or the thought they cause to leave you with, more than you'd like to admit?

I am nowhere near saying it is anything remotely like, "I dreamt I should shoplift, I guess I'll go do that". I am not talking about slavish, automaton response. I am thinking more along the lines of thought processes and maybe ?guilt complexes?. Or being relieved by your subconscious from the helpless pain of being in-denial.

I also have learned to rely on gut instincts that sometimes have to do with feelings of or "memories" of deja-vu, which I also am embarrassed to admit, especially when I say that it has made me glad that I had several times. (for a basic ex. 'I had a deja-vu Dad was mad at me for doing such and such, so then I find I won't do such and such when the "deja-vu" situation presents itself in real life,' even though I will feel superstitious about it if I stop to analyze. Or in other instances, I will do exactly the opposite of what I dreamed -- sometimes I go ahead and do the thing that supposedly is going to "make the sky fall", if it seemed a really silly thing -- like, if that's what I felt the dream or deja-vu was really about. Getting over something silly. Or if too many circumstances all seem to familiar, as if from a deja-vu, then I will suspect something is about to happen. etc. etc.) It all seems very phobic/counterphobic in nature. Relying on instincts. And feelings. I personally don't think it's superstitious, it feels normal to me, but I worry others would.

So, is it just me, or does anyone else relate? I feel like such a crackpot talking about this. :frustrating:
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I usually dream about random but very "realistic" situations that end up happening much later. When they do, I get this sense of deja vu even if it's related to something I've never did or see before.

There are also particular dreams I can remember that somewhat changed my way of thinking or even treating someone. When persons are involved I tend to stay closer to them and if they are only acquaintances of mine we might even become friends afterwards. That's really weird but I guess it's just how it goes.
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