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Repost because I forgot to add Tags. No tags = less views, right?

Hey guys, I'm kinda new to MBTI and I just made my first guesses on what types the following characters are after reading the book twice. I think they may be err, but I had fun doing it :p They are from a book, so if you're not a reader, you've probably never heard of them before.

Sarah Mercer - ESTP
Lucas Knight - INFJ
Michael Yonda - ESFP I think this one is the most obvious out of all of them XD
Ava Walston - ESFJ I had the most trouble with this one :p
Alex Grant - ESTJ not so sure about this one, but at least I tried.
James Booker - XNTX incredibly serious, rational.
Ragnorus Trevilian - ENFJ as the headmaster of Castle Creighton he served as the mentor and personal adviser of Sarah throughout the book. Minor spoiler, she occasionally went to his office to talk with him and to keep him updated on her quest to find and reunite the three shards to free ........ .........
Anyways, this is what I think. How about you guys?
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