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what causes an ENFJ to disappear for awhile? is it randomly for no reason at all? does it only happen if you feel the need to pull out of contact?
any insight on this would be great because the ENFJ crush of mine hasn't talked to me in over five days .
she always would initiate conversations so i'm getting a bit concerned .
do you think she's waiting for me to finally start a conversation ?
i really don't know...
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OMG, other ENFJs, stop being like me! Ahh!

I do this too. If I feel like I'm initiating all of the conversations, I just retreat... I think she might be expecting you to make the first move... probably trying to see if you care enough to ask how she's doing.

I either disappear because I don't like someone, don't know how I feel about them or am trying to see if they care.
Story of my life lololol! Don't get worked up over it, she's just busy. Sometimes I get on Facebook and I don't wanna talk to anyone, but the chat opens automatically... pisses me off.

As to the texting thing, I usually reply to all the texts quite fast. Don't read too much into it though, just stop contacting her and wait til she contacts you.

Also, it happens a lot to me that I just really don't feel like talking to people, or answering messages... even though I do like them, I'm just not in the mood to.

What is she like when you guys talk? Describe the kind of things she says, I'll be able to tell for sure if she's into you, likes you as a friend, or is trying to avoid you.
i texted her last night, she didn't reply. then she was on facebook for a couple minutes but didn't say anything to me.
i don't know why she'd ignore me but it seems thats whats happening.
It has happened to me too... *shrug* I don't understand why people do that.
In your situation though, her being an ENFJ, I think she might be testing you, to see if you'd initiate conversations. Keep on trying to talk to her, and if she really doesn't reply, ignore her. Completely. Actually, that's what I'd do, so that might not be the best solution.

Mmh... maybe you should tell her you like her. I love it when people are honest with me, because if I like them back I'll go back to my real self and stop playing hard to get, and if I don't I'll feel like I finally have freedom to be myself and have you as a friend.
All the people that have been interested in me and whom I didn't like back are now good friends to me. Even best friends! : ) It's always worth it.
well i can tell she likes me. she'd always initiate conversations everyday with the exception of the past few days .
i think i'm just overreacting and over analyzing it, i'm sure its nothing .
its just strange because she used to talk to me whenever she had the chance .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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