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what causes an ENFJ to disappear for awhile? is it randomly for no reason at all? does it only happen if you feel the need to pull out of contact?
any insight on this would be great because the ENFJ crush of mine hasn't talked to me in over five days .
she always would initiate conversations so i'm getting a bit concerned .
do you think she's waiting for me to finally start a conversation ?
i really don't know...
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i texted her last night, she didn't reply. then she was on facebook for a couple minutes but didn't say anything to me.
i don't know why she'd ignore me but it seems thats whats happening.
yeah, i think i'll just wait for her to initiate the next conversation
well i can tell she likes me. she'd always initiate conversations everyday with the exception of the past few days .
i think i'm just overreacting and over analyzing it, i'm sure its nothing .
its just strange because she used to talk to me whenever she had the chance .
this has gone beyond testing.
i think she's all together lost interest in me as a human being .
i texted her telling her that i missed talking to her daily and she hasn't responded .
nothing was said that would ruin anything yet things just stopped altogether and now she's not responding to me at all. she could at least tell me she has no interest in me whatsoever, i cannot take another day of torturing myself over the mystery of what has happened and why.
i viewed her not only as a soul mate but also an escape, she was my sense of belonging.
now... i wallow and wait, wait for the next host i can feed off of
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Did you literally text her: "I miss talking to you daily"?

Because ENFJ's usually need alone time. If she became overloaded with either your relationship or the world generally, and is hiding, mentioning how you want to talk to her "daily" could be bad. Sometimes I shut myself off from friends for days at a time just to decompress. I can't have friends that pester me. I need them to understand. If I didn't have alone time to decompress I'd go insane.

I'd text her: "I adore you. I hope I haven't done anything to offend you. Are you okay?" If she doesn't reply to that she is either upset with you for whatever reason or is a b*tch.
well i'd never initiate conversations so i figured she always wanted to talk to me.
i understand needing space completely i really do, i figured she wasn't talking to me because she felt i didn't want to talk to her so i told her how i felt.
she's said that she fears that she annoys people and that i'd get tired of her, so i wanted to make it clear that i absolutely love talking to her.
i'll just have to wait to see what happens, i was a LITTLE over dramatic in my last post .... but in my defense i'm an INFP.
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1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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