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Thought struck me that as I've grown, I've started to resemble ISFP more (I identify as INTJ). And I wondered if the Disintegration (stress) and Integration (growth) model that Enneagram uses could be applied to MBTI.

Using it could portray MBTI types in a less confusing light, considering all of the exceptions to the exceptions that we see.

For example, INTJ (Ni-Te-Fi-Se) Integrates (grows) by learning to use the latter two functions better (Fi-Se) which is also the first two of ISFP (so Integrated INTJ would look like a more decisive and grounded ISFP... or something like that -- I haven't married any word choices yet).

I haven't worked out the Disintegration part though. Would it be more accurate if it went into shadow functions? (e.g. INTJ Disintegrates into Ti-Ne and turns into a sort of worst-case-scenario INTP, becoming withdrawn and misanthropic... trusting no one with privately held theories and hating the world).

Or would it be more accurate if it went in the ESFP direction? (e.g. INTJ Disintegrates into Se-Fi loop, becoming self-destructive and ultra-defensive of their pet values/ideas).

They could look similar I think, so it may be a matter of terminology mostly.

Let me know what you think. Keep in mind I'm using INTJ as an example, but I think this could be applied to any type.
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