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Keep in mind these are my GUESSES, I could very well be off-base on a lot of them. Always open for other interpretations though! :wink: Disney seems to be loaded with NF's, probably in part because the NF philosophy is about idealism and dreaming big.

Jungle Book
Baloo - ESFP
Bagheera - ISTJ
King Louie - ENTP
Shere Khan - INTJ

The Little Mermaid
Ariel - ENFP

Beauty and the Beast
Belle - INFP
Beast - ISTJ
Lumiere - ENFP
Cogsworth - ISTJ
Mrs Pots - ESFJ
Gaston - ESTJ
LeFou - ESTP

Aladdin - ENFP
Jasmine - INFP
Jafar - INTJ

The Lion King
Simba - ENFP
Mufasa - ENFJ
Nala - INFJ
Scar - ENTJ
Timon - ESTP
Pumbaa - ESFP
Rafiki - INFP

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Quasimodo - INFP
Esmeralda - ESTP
Phoebus - ESTJ
Frollo - INTJ
Clopin - ENFP

Tarzan - ISTP
Jane - ESFP

Rapunzel - ENFP
Flynn Rider - ESTP

Kingdom Hearts
Sora - ENFP
Kairi - INFJ
Riku - INTP
Roxas - INFP
Namine - INFP
Axel - ENTP
Terra - ISTJ
Aqua - INFJ
Ventus - ENFP
Xehanort/Xehanort's Heartless/Xemnas - INTJ

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Just some revising:

Beast - ISFJ
Kairi - INFP
Old Xehanort (from BBS and DDD)/Terra Xehanort's Heartless (from KH1 and CoM) - INTJ
Xemnas - INTP

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I've heard that Belle is an INFJ, but I'm not sure about the Beast...also maybe Timon is ESFP rather than ESTP, and Pumba is ISFP. but I haven't seen most of these films for aages so I can't remember the characters in very much detail.

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I thought maybe INTP for Beast and INFJ for Belle.. But I'm still new to trying to type :p
I agree with INTP for Beast, but I think Belle is INFP. Though maybe Beast is ISTP...

I'm no expert either, though, just my N taking a gander...
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I'm really perplexed by the INTP choice for Beast actually! It's not like I'm not open to hearing other opinions on the typing though! Someone's gonna have to explain that one to me hahaha

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Here's what I've always thought for the princesses:

Snow white - ESFJ
Cinderella - ISFJ
Sleeping Beauty - ISFP
Ariel - ENFP
Belle - INFJ
Jasmine - ENFJ
Pochahontas - INFJ
Mulan - ISFP
Esmeralda - ENFJ
Megara - ISTP
Tiana - ESTJ
Rapunzel - ENFP
Anna - ENFP
Elsa - Damaged INFJ
Alice - INFP
Wendy - ESFJ
Merida - ENTJ


Snow whites, Cinderellas and Sleeping beauties prince don't really have any yeah. Can't type them.

Eric - ENFP
Beast - ESTP
Aladdin - ENTP
Flynn Rider - ESTP
Naveen - ESFP
Kristoff - ISTJ
Hans - ENTJ

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god noooo for brave xD
Merida is so ENFP it hurts.
i agree with the rest.
oh and i see Elsa as INTJ who has some traces of INFJ.
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