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Disproportionate/above average amount of left handers in different areas of study

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Basically, throughout school (1999-2011), you would be sitting in classes of around 25ish at the maximum. There would usually be one person who was a left hander and that person was normally me. It would be rare to find a classroom with two let alone one.

2012 and your sitting in a room full of drafting boards
and the question is asked, how many left handers?
Out of a class of 15-20, 2 of them are left handers. I thought, hmm thats quite a high proportion but just a coincidence.
The teacher goes on to say that in the other class with about the same number of students, there are 3!. I thought cricky! So basically out of 35-40 students, 5 of them are left handers!
Going back to the initial quote with "creativity, depth perception and artistic ability". - Architecture? The first two are massively vital areas and most people taking the course are good artists
The left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain. Ironically that side of the brain also controls creativity, depth perception, music, emotions, and artistic ability.
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I experienced the same phenomenon when I went to an art college.


-Roughly 40-50% of my professors who taught studio classes were left-handed
-Roughly 25-30% of my classmates in studio classes were also left-handed
-Illustration classes resulted in a slightly higher percentage of left-handed people than Sequential Art (comics) classes did.*

*Illustration deals more directly with imagery, while Sequential Art has a mixture of imagery, text and wording, and timing. Sequential Art, in this case, uses more of the left brain than Illustration. Illustration, in contrast, uses more of the left brain than Fine Arts as one is interpreting images directly from texts. My hypothesis is that Fine Arts students could possibly have an even greater ratio of left-handed people to right-handed people.
That's an interesting idea. I have no knowledge on the subject, as I'm a southpaw studying mathematics, chemistry, and law, but it would be interesting to look into.
Well, what's funny is I'm right-handed with terrible hand writing with both my left and right hand. XD But I am right handed. However, I'm more right-brained than I am left-brained and am very musically inclined. I love composing. My sister, an artist, has actual left-handed tendencies. She holds a baseball bat like a lefty. She puts her left eye up to telescopes and other such things. She uses her left hand for things I wouldn't. Although she is predominantly right handed. She's like I said a very talented artist.

Very interesting. :)
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