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For when I look to the stars, and see only clouds you are there.
My darling, my sweet, for whom I give so much care.
Life without you would be cold and empty and bare.
Lack of contact due to downed internet, sleep, it feels unfair.
I feel like a kid clinging to a teddy bear.
I want to hear your voice, to see your face, to stop and stare.
I love you, my darling, and I wish I could be anywhere but here.
To be in your arms, the time ticks by.
Feeling love that makes me soar to the sky.
But without you to see, or talk to, I fall.
For in a few day's time, I will hear your call.
Come with me, to be within my love.
My arms are waiting like wings of a dove.
Open wide to bring you in.
To ease your pain, anything I would give.

My heart is yours, my body and soul.
When you are near, I feel myself losing control.
My love is so passionate, to enflamed with fire.
I feel you within me, borne of wild desire.
Desire to give you happiness beyond your wildest dreams.
To give you the love within me, bursting at the seams.
I want to engulf you as you've engulfed me.
My love burns bright, for only one...for thee.

So come to me, ten days from now.
Come and I shall give you a bow.
Come to me and I shall make you whole.
Come to me, and love you shall know.

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This doens't have much in common with the poem, but I congratulate your for your relationship with Meak. I am very skeptic of online relationships, they usually are little affairs that you end up forgetting them. But you proved me wrong, and made me see that true love doesn't have distance. I mean, right now you're physically with her, but before that you only used online communication to keep in touch. That is proof that your bond with her is strong. So, congrats!
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