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DIY Advice Thread

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I tried searching and didn't see a thread like this, so figured we needed one. Preferably stickied... if there is already one, someone link it so we can get it stickied!

Those of us who have varying degrees of experience can chip in and help others in need. A few things that could go on this thread: mechanical advice, handy-work advice, craft advice, gardening advice,... the list goes on. I'll start...
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Project: rebuild a retaining wall
Details: Have a 26.5' retaining wall made of railroad ties which is rotting and falling apart. My goal is to tear this down and replace with stone or concrete. Two primary obstacles I am dealing with: sever slope of hill making transportation of material difficult, and a support pole is bolted directly to the top of one of the railroad ties (pathetic construction job done in the '90's I guess). From left to right, there are three sections of ties: 7', 13', and 6.5' stacked at various heights.

I am hoping to keep the project under $1000 (My brother and I will be performing the labor) excluding the cost of dealing with the support pole; I will probably have to buy a new pole that is 3-5' longer and ground it in a cement foundation. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to start?
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