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I have no idea whether im an intj or infj because both descriptions fit me well. It seems different situations and people tend to bring out one type or the other in me. Here are some traits of mine to interpret. Hopefully they help someone to really know, because i have no clue lol.

What makes me think im an inTj...

Situation example:

- I'm very emotionally cool. Things that make most people breakdown and cry usually does not effect me in that way. I often find myself faking deep sympathy (which i feel bad for) because i do not want to feel/come across as a cold-hearted bitch. Now i know that many of you may contribute this to being an inTj because of the detachment from emotions, or lack thereof, but i was wondering if this is actually a defense mechanism for being a "feeler" to not overload on emotions or fear of letting them flow. On the other hand, i do wonder if the emotions are blocked or if they aren't really there at all. An example of this would be that a client of mine committed suicide not too long ago. Many of my coworkers are taking it pretty hard. Now, as a side note, i must say that most of these coworkers taking it pretty hard were unprofessionally attached to this client. When i heard the news i was shocked but not sad or emotional. The client had a long history of suicidal thoughts and attempts so this wasnt completely unexpected...logical thinking...inTj? Anyways, i find myself having to exaggerate what little emotions i have on the matter just to come across as having a "normal" reaction, or at least one that matches my coworkers'. Now don't get me wrong, i do care and i do think it's sad but i lack full understanding of why my coworkers are reacting so strongly to something that was very likely to happen when it did (or maybe im just being small-minded). But thinking this way makes me feel so mean and ashamed. I also feel emotionally manipulated because i feel like my coworkers want me to emotionally react to something i have very little emotions over. This tends to happen with most emotional situations with friends and in the world such as bombings and shootings. These things do not get much emotion out of me and i often find myself feeling like many others are getting an emotional ride out of it and not thinking clearly. Now, with all that said, i don't think an inTj is likely to fake emotions to please others. I think that's something an inFj is more likely to do seeing that they are more likely to care about not hurting others' feelings. But, on the other hand, i dont think an inFj would need to fake the emotion because im assuming they would be more likely to have an emotional reaction in the first place (not that that's bad at all).

You see how i go back and forth? it's driving me nuts and i do this constantly and it makes it difficult for me to know my type. Am i over-analyzing? This post was going to be much longer with more examples but i figured most people wouldn't even read this far lol. So i'll just leave this post with this one example (for length purposes) and hopefully it will be enough for some insight from others. If you need more examples of my behavior/tendencies to form a more accurate determination of my type please let me know. ALL input is appreciated. Side note, if it makes any difference, i do feel now that i was an inFj when i was younger, now as im getting older i feel that i am becoming an inTj....if that's even possible.
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