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Do I sound more Fe or Fi dominant?

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I selfishly took up 99% of INFP forum lately (oh I can't help it..there's just too many mini-me's..hehe) and based on my posts/threads, do you think I am more Fe or Fi dominant?

Be honest please.
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I have little doubt that you are Fi dominant, but that at this point in your growth, you are developing Fe, which is expanding your inner purpose, desires, and values to include others more fully. But with Fi dominance, when you use Fe to understand others, and to reach out to them, to help them, Fi's central motive still involves self in that it seeks to understand and help others to fulfill or succor an Fi value or ideal. When someone else's state is in disharmony with what your Fi determines is right and important, there is inner unrest, and in order to experience peace and satisfaction, Fi drives you to mend the person or their situation, and when it is accomplished by bringing their state and situation into harmony with what your Fi sees as needed, then you yourself are fulfilled. If another person's state strongly represents Fi harmony, you gravitate toward them to connect with them. Fi on its own, without Fe, is only concerned for self - good deeds, assistance given, or anything else done for others is done to make one's self feel better about themselves. A young child INFP may show this...he or she may show gratitude to someone who has gone to trouble for them, not because their motive is to have the other person feel good inside, but because the instilled value of Fi, gratitude, tells them that the situation requires them to express something a particular way to be in harmony with what they believe they should do. But later on, an INFP will still use Fi in social situations to feel inner harmony, but with developed Fe, motives will develop that seek to bring peace and harmony for others for the sake of the others alone, teaching the INFP to sometimes even make themselves very uncomfortable in order to know that others benefitted.

For someone who is dominant Fe, they have developed throughout their life with an inner urge to respond to the needs of others, to see that everything for everyone is good and in unity. Accomplishing this and being part of it allows them to feel good. When it cannot be accomplished, it creates turmoil inside the dominant Fe individual, and they may feel upset with self. This focus upon others creates a problem with the dominant Fe individual, because they tend to do so at expense to their own well-being, and often-times this lack of personal well-being reduces their ability to accomplish what they want for others, creating inner stress, and socially problematic behaviors like passive aggression (they don't want to directly hurt others because of their Fe, but it slips through in passive aggression). Fe itself, even though it revolves around others, can also be selfish, because it seeks to find personal satisfaction through involvement with others.

Where Fi dominant and Fe dominant individuals differ in that respect is that the individual with dominant Fi first begins with a priority to bring harmony to their ideals within themselves, and he or she works outward from there. Because of this, a solidly developed Fi individual who then gains strong Fe (as well as other functions) can make huge differences in people's lives, because their inner development and experience with producing harmony instructs them how to achieve the same for others. The Fe dominant individual's priority begins with their relations with others, and works inward from there. By learning to care for others and experience harmony on the outside, they eventually can learn to do the same for their personal being. When they develop stronger personal Fi solidarity (and other functions), and they create their own independent harmony, they can become enormous vehicles of positive influence, as their inner solidarity inspires others through their great social capacity.

Anyway, that's just a little bit of a comparison...not exactly as clear as I would have wanted to make it, but hopefully clear enough to be useful.
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