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I think there are perhaps types of disorders that would be more evident in certain personality types. I think Avoidant Personality Disorder is such a disorder that could be related to an INFP in the pits.
But these things are just likely in anyone as we're all human and we feel anxieties, shame, guilt, worry. Though for some they're no so sensitive and receptive to things around them that they are not as affected.
Way I think of it though is that we should try to absolve our selves of our maladaptive traits, things about our selves that don't allow us to lead a life we want. That takes time, effort and for some they'll need help/support.

I switch in my moods, I get down, doubt myself, get anxious very easily in social settings, not that it stops me completely, but it does inhibit me and is stressful. It results in a feeling of worthlessness and unable to see value in my existence.
On the other side when i take good care of myself, I feel great, the very same situations that would make me try and hide away don't even put a dent in me. I feel free to say what ever I like and no matter the response it doesn't get me down or feel shy, because I am happy. Me thinks if I take better care of my physical self, my mental well being will prosper too as they're so linked.
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