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do u have a dark mind as an INFP?

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i have.... it's a melancholy mood.. to describe it the best....

onlookers would call me depressed... but they cant tell whats going on in my mind....but alrite sometimes i feel depressed.

do you have a dark mind, if so how do you cope with it?
i use music, i love it.

in my class i truly stand out for being the kind i am (some get, others dont) is that an INFP thing??
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I have this subconscious obsession with darkness that I sometimes don't realize. In my fictional universe I made up in the stuff I write, the concept of darkness plays a big role in everyone's lives, and my favorite color is black. I used to think it was blue. It shows in the products I get, and the fact that I like black clothing, though I do have some other colors in the shirt department.

I soak myself in melancholy (disappointment in myself that comes up too often). I am not proud of that though, and its a bad feeling.
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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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