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do u have a dark mind as an INFP?

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i have.... it's a melancholy mood.. to describe it the best....

onlookers would call me depressed... but they cant tell whats going on in my mind....but alrite sometimes i feel depressed.

do you have a dark mind, if so how do you cope with it?
i use music, i love it.

in my class i truly stand out for being the kind i am (some get, others dont) is that an INFP thing??
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Yeees. In my daily normal interaction with people I think I'm like the nicest guy I know, however what it is in my mind is something very different. I could write a very loooong post about this but I have to do it quickly:sad:. I love dark, melancholic or every disturbing feeling that passes through my mind and gives me some chills. As long as I remember, when playing video games I always chose the strange or evil character. In all the series, I always felt an attraction for the evil guy too, but not the stupid barbarian guy, only when he had something macabre, psychotic or "elegant", I don't know how to describe it very well. I love when feelings are like "mixed" or "confused" too, like when I don't know if I am supposed to feel happy or sad when listening to the part of a song or when I'm watching something that is cute and gory at the same time and I am like: "Oh, I don't if this is good or bad, but I feel that I'm understanding emotions far beyond stereotypical thougts of normal people". As I said in another thread, I think that the idealistic part of an INFP is much more than "make this world a better place", at least not in a too direct and simple form where we saw the world 'through rose tinted glasses' and we only wanted to think about little fluffy bunnies, but much more about "understanding the truth in this life and its true emotionality". I think we can experiment some things in their genuine form and with much more intensity than others.
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