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do u have a dark mind as an INFP?

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i have.... it's a melancholy mood.. to describe it the best....

onlookers would call me depressed... but they cant tell whats going on in my mind....but alrite sometimes i feel depressed.

do you have a dark mind, if so how do you cope with it?
i use music, i love it.

in my class i truly stand out for being the kind i am (some get, others dont) is that an INFP thing??
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Funny you said that, I'm listening to Crystal Castles II right now, and I will see them live in November. They're great stuff!
I'm pretty eclectic, but I listen mostly to black metal, post-punk, experimental, death metal and electronic.

I can say I'm naturally attracted to the more obscure/dark side of the things, I'm also a bit morbid. But I have my 'happy' moments, but they are usually more the frenetic/sick/crazy ones than the balanced kind. Anyway, I guess there are different types of INFP. And about 'seeing the world through rose tinted glasses' I agree with that to the point I try to find beauty in everything, I like to make my life look like a movie, I like to love the unhealthy and the macabre, the dirt and the sad.
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