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Do You Dwell on the Past?

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This might not be related to being a 4 at all -- I'm just curious if other 4's have this problem. I definitely dwell a lot on the past, both good and bad. My nostalgia is intense, even for relatively difficult points in my life. I just miss the past easily. I also have a problem (due to my PTSD) of dwelling on people in my life who have hurt me. Even if I have forgiven them (like my father) I'm still always trying to figure out *why* these people acted certain ways and trying to figure out their mentality. I also tend to totally cut out any reminders of ex-boyfriends. I get rid of any gifts they gave me, usually. I delete all emails, etc. I also can do this with ex-friends. I think my greatest barriers to being truly "healthy" and remaining in the healthy stages are my focus on the past and my mental health instability (now thought to partly be related to my hypothyroidism). I want to just be able to accept the past and not think about it very much.
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Alllll the time...

I remember everything people said that was hurtful, everything I said that was hurtful and everything that blocked me from becoming a better person closer to self actualization.
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