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Do you feel annoyed when someone ask you "what is wrong???"?

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Yesterday I returned to class (vacations ended) and I kind of entered as a very different person, I was quiet, serious looking instead of being extremely talkative and seemingly happy (I really didnt felt good doing that much talking and acting like a clown) so all of my friends, all of my classmates and most of the teachers asked me "hey is something wrong?" and I said "no im perfectly fine"
then they said
"no you are depressed"
-im not
-you are
-im not
-I know you, you are not like this
- you dont know me, thats why you get so surprised when you see me like this.
- yeah but we people love you the way you are, I mean very funny guy and always smiling.
-but that was not myself, I really felt uncomfortable with that.
-its about a girl right? how is it going with carol? (girl I had a crush on)
- she got a boyfriend this summer.
- omg so thats it! dude dont get down because of that, plenty of fish in the sea.
- good to know, im not sad or down...
- yes you are
- NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it really pisses me off! why cant they just accept me???!!! do you get mad when someone makes something similar to you?
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I hate when people say that for no reason then they keep asking then there is something wrong.
yeah and what I hate even more is that they dont believe us when we tell them nothing is wrong!

I like to help people sometimes, but oddly enough I dont really like getting that kind of help from others :tongue:
My ISFP ex used to do this ALL THE TIME... and he was never actually right on his interpretation that something was wrong.
If he was ever right, I'd be impressed but that hardly ever happened so that just proved to me his S type.
I'm with you. I get very tired of people refusing to believe that nothing is wrong with me, and then continuing to persistently ask.

I guess my ISFJ ex did it a little bit. He'd think he was sensing "a mood" from me when there actually was none, and then treat me like a stubborn child who wouldn't admit to the problem.

Anyway, yeah, I don't like it. I tend to think of it as a pet peeve of mine, because I think most people like having others pursue them when they look down and then keep bugging them until they find out what's wrong. Not me. No thanks.
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I think it has a lot to do with the fact that people mistake as for extroverts. When we get quiet and mellow, it's not because we're down, we're just needing to withdraw back into ourselves for awhile. When I'm like that I just want to quietly observe my surroundings in peace, I'll go back to my cheery extrovert-like self when I'm ready.
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Most people think im deep in thought all the time for some reason. But in reality im just zoning out or not thinking about anything. It gets annoying when they ask "What are you thinking about" and i reply "nothing" b/c i really am but they pry deeper hahah.
when something isn't wrong, then I mind and I find it rather annoying.

But it's a little different if I'm secretly hiding some pain and a gentle soul whom I'm close to happens to notice. I often hide it so well that people in general don't know I'm secretly suffering (I usually appear to be more lively when I can and I do this purposefully just to compensate and hide it better). But people who know me well and are sensitive to these kinds of things can tell and they ask because they care. I often will let those people in because I can trust them and feel safe around them.

I often look serious when I'm thinking about something deeply and that's when I get the more superficial "what's wrong" line.
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people don't ask me (or look concerned), unless they're strangers..
what happens more often actually is people roll their eyes or scoff --as if to say "here he is, at it again" :frustrating:
they push too even if i say there's nothing wrong
I think it's cute when people ask me what is wrong, because I appreciate the fact that they care enough to comment.

But...I hate it when they push it after I have made it obvious that I either do not want to talk about it, or nothing is wrong. It makes me feel like they are pushing past a boundry that I have clearly set up and expect to be respected.
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