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Do you find impatience to be one of your flaws?

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Yes, in fact, I'm growing impatient with people posting very short, simplistic questions here on this sub-forum, without any explanation as to why the question is worth asking. Tell me why you're asking, or I'll lose interest immediately after deciding what my answer is, which I do instantly after hearing the question.
that is a.problem. you need to relax
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who cares why im asking? geez cant I just ask for the.sake of asking? Lol there's no winning with though people:dry:
@pastryparadise was your original goal just to win? If that is the case no there is no way to win. Resistance is futile.
huh?? I ask a simple question. just a simple darn question *smh* yall a bit loony. Can't even ask you a simple to the point yes it no question.

theres no winning with you people is an EXPRESSION. I notice INTJs read into people words too much. It makes it hard tk converse wuth you because of it. You should work on that
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I'm patient with things I'm impatient with, which are always things that other people are very comfortable with. Like being very angry with something other people are not angry with, but am very good at holding that anger in. What does that make me?
a mere human! :laughing: lmao
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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