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Do you find impatience to be one of your flaws?

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Sometimes, but sometimes I'm really patient. Sometimes patience is my strength.
There are lots of bullshit phrases.
Don't believe something just because it is commonly accepted. Otherwise you will believe that humans are "special" and created in the image of a "god" - even though we occupy space in the universe of about 1/10^(soemthing ridiculous).

Phrases that are bullshit, yet commonly accepted:

"money can't buy happiness"
- yes it fucking can. did you enjoy your last holiday? that was happiness you bought with money.

"patience is a virtue"
- no it's fucking not. why is sitting around waiting a good thing??? Have you ever even THOUGHT about this phrase before accepting it as true? I would go as far as to say IMPATIENCE is a virtue would be more correct.
no. i often have the patience of god. i'm just less nice about it than he's rumoured to be.
Sometimes I am very patient and sometimes very impatient,depends really.
No. Patience has often been necessary in order to bring about a particular objective. There are certain things I find myself impatient with however.

The impatience of some people has worked to my advantage before, as I've found that not thinking often goes along with impatience. And people who don't think are at a disadvantage to people who do.
Since when is impatience a flaw? And why is patience a virtue? Says who? Jesus Christ?
Why can't impatience be a virtue? It all depends on the context. For instance if you're patient when someone tries to murder you or blow your brains out, you might agree with me.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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