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Do you guys like IQ tests?

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Mensa IQ Test

I know I do, doing some Te related activity energises me

Also I know you are all competitive, so more reason to beat that :p

Still though I'm beyond hopeless when it comes to seeing the big picture. It's tragic
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I always score between 128-136 (or something like that), I do like taking them, but as soon as I spot a pattern I get bored really fast so at the end when the toughest ones are I'm like... "ehhhhh I'm bored" and get sloppy. I know I could solve them (as I know what the pattern is, like with the last one in this test) but I'm too lazy to do the mental effort to turn it over etc

I assume I know how much I'll score and don't see it as something that has real life application (I still feel stupid) so I don't get the reward after finishing it. More like "I wasted my time on stupid patterns that all are the same! F***!"
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But I'm kind of interested by the part of your post I quoted. I'm not at all criticizing your point of view -- it's very understandable, and yet I don't quite understand. I can see, since you did indeed demonstrate fine ability, yeah, it might seem like asking....I don't know, a language student to spend time conjugating verbs or whatever.

However, the one thing I enjoy about the Raven's is that it's the one absolutely subject-free (arguably -- see my issues above) framework that seems to work the very skills I use when working on various logics, and the same skills for dealing with algebraic relations (homomorphisms, and so forth over various structures). I know not everyone's really into that stuff, but that's why I approach the Raven's as kind of like doing scales on a musical instrument, or maybe doing pushups or something.

Not intended to be advice in anyway, just that I was interested to hear your different perspective, and since I think it's a fascinating subject, thought I'd pop back in and do some blah-de-blah.
You're asking why I don't enjoy it just for the mental exercise itself?

If so, it's probably many things. The most important thing... I don't like to dwell on things, especially those I'm not interested in/find fascinating. I'm very impatient (probably a tactile learner), I need to see results or "the hell with it!". I often look at INTPs (or other Ti types), I envy them but at the same time "ain't nobody got time for that!" I hate all types of riddles etc.

IQ tests are often too repetitive, not challenging enough (patterns are obvious to me by nature, it's just a matter of time to fill the blanks and to find the answer) so I don't see how it contributes to improving my skills. I imagine people who have "problems" with this type of thinking might get more "AHA!" moments when they figured out the answer and a reward afterwards.

I do enjoy tests that check your spatial reasoning ( especially those tough ones), even though I'm very good at them.
It's because they force me to use my brain (no obvious patterns), practise spatial abilities/imagination/shape manipulation(or how to call it), you can see improvement, and ease. The most important thing- it can be a useful skill, for me, in the real world.

Same with practising memory etc

Not sure if I wasn't talking off topic.
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