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Do you guys like IQ tests?

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Mensa IQ Test

I know I do, doing some Te related activity energises me

Also I know you are all competitive, so more reason to beat that :p

Still though I'm beyond hopeless when it comes to seeing the big picture. It's tragic
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I got 133, which is in the area of what I usually score on IQ tests.
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Did you like taking it? I personally enjoy it
I like the challenge of solving problems, and spotting patterns especially is very satisfying. I am curious about the last question, though. In every other case I could at least narrow down the range of possible answers, but I have no idea what the pattern there even was.

- Reverse 1st image from 1st row upside down
- Combine it (put it over) with the 1st image from row below
- What clashes gets erased, the rest remains
Impressive. I see how you scored 143.
That's INTP for you

Heard we get along pretty well (assuming we leave the house)

I majored in physics, where I knew many INTPs. They're fascinating people, and the connection is a pretty easy one. I don't have a whole lot to contribute to the sorts of logic puzzles that my INTP classmates would discuss that they hadn't contributed already, but I still found them to be endlessly interesting.
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is pattern recognition the only aspect of IQ tests? I remember doing other stuff in school, like language and number stuff. Seems rather limited if it's only that.
There are many aspects of IQ. As I described in another thread, IQ is based on the theory of "g factor", or "general intelligence". It is not immediately obvious why such a thing should exist, except that research was done on aptitude in a variety of academic areas and it was revealed that every single pair of fields had positively correlated results, i.e. that success in one field predicted a greater likelihood of success in any other one.

Based on this, you can also use numbers or language to approximate general intelligence. This (and especially the latter option) is generally discouraged however, since it gets into confounding factors of crystalized intelligence and culturebound usage. Pattern recognition is favored on the grounds that it minimizes these confounding factors, but IQ can in principle be tested off of any cognitive task.
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Why so low?
This one was easier than the last one.

Pattern recognition god over here.

Isn't it a little sad that I score so well on these kinds of tests, yet struggle to maintain stable employment.
I truly believe I'll be fired very soon, this week maybe - the patterns are emerging, and there's nothing I can do to prevent it.

Already started applying elsewhere.
Just found it interesting that I can perfect a numeracy IQ test, with little to no math skills (I went full Ni on the whole thing, took like 2 hours, maths stresses me out).. yet can fail so hard at life in general.
The practical applications of IQ mostly matter in terms of hitting scholastic goals, i.e. if your IQ is too low then you probably can't graduate from college. If your IQ is high enough that you can in principle achieve a certain level of academic success, then other factors become more accurate predictors of success in life, such as creativity, rearing, and social acumen.

Just look at the case of Chris Langan; he has a phenomenally high IQ in the area of 200, but due to a lack of experience with navigating those realms he dropped out of college and ended up working in construction.
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