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Do you guys like IQ tests?

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Mensa IQ Test

I know I do, doing some Te related activity energises me

Also I know you are all competitive, so more reason to beat that :p

Still though I'm beyond hopeless when it comes to seeing the big picture. It's tragic
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You beat me you dirty little prick lol, wonder which ones I got wrong, I felt pretty solid with all of my answers.

Text Line Font Screenshot

If anyone can see the attachment, that's the only one I couldn't see a pattern in, anyone know what it is?
I can't even remember which one I chose, top right I think, but it was a total guess.

I legitimately don't see the pattern.


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Why so low?
This one was easier than the last one.

Pattern recognition god over here.

Isn't it a little sad that I score so well on these kinds of tests, yet struggle to maintain stable employment.
I truly believe I'll be fired very soon, this week maybe - the patterns are emerging, and there's nothing I can do to prevent it.

Already started applying elsewhere.
Just found it interesting that I can perfect a numeracy IQ test, with little to no math skills (I went full Ni on the whole thing, took like 2 hours, maths stresses me out).. yet can fail so hard at life in general.
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