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Do you guys like IQ tests?

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Mensa IQ Test

I know I do, doing some Te related activity energises me

Also I know you are all competitive, so more reason to beat that :p

Still though I'm beyond hopeless when it comes to seeing the big picture. It's tragic
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Not sure about these websites are accurate in applying the test or considered as real measurement to anyone's intelligence, i have a huge doubt about these websites. (Not the IQ test)
According to some Mensa Member the real one is not far off

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I got 133, which is in the area of what I usually score on IQ tests.
Did you like taking it? I personally enjoy it
I like the challenge of solving problems, and spotting patterns especially is very satisfying. I am curious about the last question, though. In every other case I could at least narrow down the range of possible answers, but I have no idea what the pattern there even was.

- Reverse 1st image from 1st row upside down
- Combine it (put it over) with the 1st image from row below
- What clashes gets erased, the rest remains
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I can't take your given IQ test since I'm younger than 18.

But I've taken many other ones(mainly region-specific ones, since I live in Hong Kong, the questions would most likely be Math-based since we're stereotypically good at Mathematics), and I mainly get around 130-140. However, I have only taken online IQ tests, not the official ones, so I highly doubt any of these are accurate.
They are accurate for online tests. Many members of MENSA reported how the real result is very close
Impressive. I see how you scored 143.
That's INTP for you

Heard we get along pretty well (assuming we leave the house)

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nerd!!!!!!! :smile:
You would never tell irl :tongue:. I make sure to always hide it
I don't enjoy doing IQ tests or similar anymore (did when I was little). I prefer real life problems to solve (being authentic, practical and productive). I have more fun doing something physical & feel more relaxed from reading or mulling over one of life's unsolvable puzzles. Seeing patterns everywhere (without trying) and doing pattern recognition for work is more than enough for me.

I've also always hated the implication that IQ = intelligence. As I've said here before, it's interesting that INTPs & INTJs (on average) top IQ tests and yet, it's actually ENTJs who top (or come close) in studies of both life satisfaction and income. To my way of thinking, the type of intelligence that allows you to create the life you want, to adapt & create, is far more valuable.

That all said, I think it would be unsporting of me not to give our INTP guest (who scored 143) the defeat he's asked for (I maxed the test out, scoring "145 or more" -- go team INTJ):
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what's your dating history like?

Are you submissive or a bitch that's a pain in the ass? Do you still get wet by normal people ?

I mean that's the first thing I thought when I saw your result
Limited. I'm 17 and fussy.

Like they're the only two flavors women come in, lol. It depends on the man, on the relationship (including relationship stage), and what's being asked of me. I'm capable of being both a soft light fluffy pillow and "an immoveable object." Pillow fights work for me too.

It also depends on the language he uses.

Unfortunately, no. Not that I'm unique in this regard, many INTJ women speak of their struggle to find a suitable mate.
what's ur score on this?

Got 155 on it

Think I could have hit 145 on that mensa one but somehow I ended up over complicating this thinking that there must be something more to it

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I have trouble determining my MBTI type

I think I'll just skip MBTI, I can't accurately determine mine, it seems to not be much accurate
Why so low?
This one was easier than the last one.

Pattern recognition god over here.

Isn't it a little sad that I score so well on these kinds of tests, yet struggle to maintain stable employment.
I truly believe I'll be fired very soon, this week maybe - the patterns are emerging, and there's nothing I can do to prevent it.

Already started applying elsewhere.
Just found it interesting that I can perfect a numeracy IQ test, with little to no math skills (I went full Ni on the whole thing, took like 2 hours, maths stresses me out).. yet can fail so hard at life in general.
Story of my life
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Do you guys like long walks, overcast and rainy days too?
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