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Do you hate loud people?

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Whenever my mums boyfriend visits, he asks the most stupidest questions and makes so much noise. He can't do anything quietly!

Putting the dishes away? Lets just throw them into the cupboards and slam the door to see how loud it can get.

Whenever the dog wants to go outside he goes "oh! You wanna go outside Penny? You wanna go outside?" -:dry: ugh

I swear it's always above 75 db in the house when he's here. I always retreat to the computer with headphones on when I'm about to snap.

Do any other intj's get real mad at loud people that talk pointlessly?

P.S, sorry if there's any mistakes, had to write in a hurry.
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Hate is too strong a word for me, I'm closer to dislike.

Peace and quiet lets me get a stronger sense of independence and freedom, but for the most part I don't care enough to tell people to be quiet. Mostly, I just feel weird whenever I can hear something that I feel like I shouldn't be able to. If people are in the next room over and I can hear them talk for example, I almost get a sense of obligation to play music. A bit of it is for giving them privacy, but I think the majority of it is because I dislike that hearing outside [uninteresting/not useful] sounds affects my thought process and focusing on it makes me feel like a chump. I generally leave people to do what they will though, hoping they'll allow me the same freedom should I ever need to be noisy.

I hate listening to some people - people who continue to talk for long periods of time despite being able to tell I'm uninterested in the topic etc, but I also enjoy really talkative people I do find interesting and appreciate their initiative to start conversations.

Idk. It depends on which sounds are welcomed/accepted and which are just noise.
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It's funny, and I'll admit my own bias here: If someone is interesting and I respect/like them, all of a sudden their "loudness" turns into their "expressiveness" so I can appreciate it without a negative association. Which skews my view of what loud really means. These days, for me, it tends to refer to mostly people I dislike, even though it's typically the same distinction - the same way "different" is used as a complement while "weird" is used an insult with both meaning largely the same thing in a given context. So yes, I tend to dislike people if I label them as loud, but at the same time, they can be loud in ways I appreciate and I won't label them as it unless a comparison gets made with somewhat quieter people. Bias is so weird.
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