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Do you hate loud people?

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Whenever my mums boyfriend visits, he asks the most stupidest questions and makes so much noise. He can't do anything quietly!

Putting the dishes away? Lets just throw them into the cupboards and slam the door to see how loud it can get.

Whenever the dog wants to go outside he goes "oh! You wanna go outside Penny? You wanna go outside?" -:dry: ugh

I swear it's always above 75 db in the house when he's here. I always retreat to the computer with headphones on when I'm about to snap.

Do any other intj's get real mad at loud people that talk pointlessly?

P.S, sorry if there's any mistakes, had to write in a hurry.
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Well I do hate stupid questions.
*Tery is watching TV*
*Someone comes to same room as Tery*
A:Hey Tery what are you doing?
B: Im watching TV . . .

I can't stand such questions xD
As for loud people, depends. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
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