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Are we supposed to type our schedule?

I think my schedule's pretty balanced. I would prefer if I didn't take so long with chilling in my house, but it feels so good (And I try to lessen what I have to do in school).

Again, it isn't in the maximum efficiency, but it does well enough. If my plan goes wrong I'm going to skip the violin, and probably sleep a lot later (It's happened). However, school can't be manipulated at all and most of who I know are at my school (So, two birds in one stone.)

5:25am - Wake up
6:00am - Go to school.
7:15am - Arrive in school
7:20am - Cram-- I mean rest.
7:50am - School
2:50pm - School end
3:00pm - Train
5:00pm - Train end
6:00pm - Arrive home
6:10pm - Fix/prepare stuff for next day/rest
8:00pm - School stuff
(Whatever time's left) - Violin
11:15 - Sleep

Weekends are really flexible for me so no schedule needed there just as long as I get things done.

And, as @Black_Sphinx said, it's all about prioritizing. I don't know about you but an hour of exercise is all right for non-athletes. Also, trial-and-error you'd need a lot of that too. And, I restrict my gimmicks to Saturdays (and a few Fridays), so my weekdays are focused on what's important.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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