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Do you have a type you have been able to deduce you attract more than other types?

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I will say knowledge on typing has let me know that apparently the type I attract the most of, in the wild or IRL is ENFJ. Strange phenomenon I am still trying to understand this.
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Umm, but who wouldn't want to put a ring on an ESTP?
If I ever want a guaranteed ring on it, picket fence, or a ride or die I just gotta go find an ENFJ
I thought about it and to sum it up I attract guys that wanna explain me a lil something (ETs) and ladies who have a bad word to say (FJs). There's the occasional NP but what they want from me just. Acceptance from an ordinary person who can tolerate wonkiness.
You have given me hope right after shameless so cruelly snatched it from my grasp
I don't think a relationship means captivity, least not to me. I guess I don't relate to this common ESTP thing, maybe more related to 7.
Lol. I walked right into that one didn't I....
That's just what I say to a girl who wants a relationship before I leave her because I don't like commitment

Kidding kidding lmao
Nothing in the world could have prepared me for that line, I'm still recovering
Your odds for putting me into captivity would be higher.
Maybe I came on too strong with the marriage proposal
You will hate me for saying this, but it was a bit 'demisexual' of you :p
I'm not sure, as that is what some of them will actually say or it is implied.
I think you are maybe misreading this part (ordinary person). In general I experienced this as a very good sign in a male interaction. Superior/inferior is not a good sign.
Well, it could be some sort of stability they look for? Maybe ordinary wasn't exactly the right word.
I don't know if you are like this, but I like ISTPs because they do seem like pillars of strength. And they are doers with a healthy sense of freedom and independence, which I like. Plus they are usually quick with the jokes and commentary, which you are too. And they can become good teachers and mentors when they mature. But there is nothing ordinary about ISTP lol. Solid maybe. But ordinary, definitely not.
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