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Do you like being an INFP?

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    Votes: 25 37.3%
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    Votes: 30 44.8%
  • No

    Votes: 12 17.9%
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Do you like being an INFP?

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Taken from the INTP forum. DO YOU?
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Wouldn't rather be anything else.:happy:
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For the most part I'm pretty happy being an INFP. I feel like right now I'm pretty balanced, and I'm becoming more and more comfortable with myself as time goes on. There are, of course, some things I'd like to change about myself. But my idealism, compassion for others, perceptiveness etc. makes most of the other traits almost worth it. Sure, it'd be great if I could somehow get my head out of the clouds, speak up a bit, relate more to the people around me and such, but if that never happens... well, I don't think I'll regret it.
Of course. Basically because the things that make me infp are awesome.:cool: I just wish I could be a better one.
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I totally agree, but having an Extraverted Intuition would be cool. I'm just imaging myself knowing something without knowing why I know it hehe...:laughing:

Anyway, strong yes.:happy:
Wouldn't rather be anything else.:happy:
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Yes, I like to be an INFP. I just don't like to be that person who is underneath that type.
Yes, I am perfectly contented with being an INFP. I wouldn't want to be anything else.
Right now when I'm in my room lying on my bed, browsing websites, reading random books and being completely in my own thoughts while waiting my boyfriend from work I wouldn't want to be anything else.

But when I go out and face all this world's ESXXs I wish I could even for a while be something else and feel like I truly belong in this world.
being INFP is the shit.
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i don't mind being an INFP, but I wish I were an INFJ. My P makes my life quite difficult to manage because I'm constantly and naturally looking for more information wherever possible. My fantasies of possibilities makes it hard to live in the moment.
I voted no. I wish I weren't so sensitive. I wish I was more assertive and could speak up for myself. I like being imaginative and all that, but again, I just wish small things didn't have such a big effect on me and piss me off. But I'm not sure which other type I would rather be.
This was a hard question for me to answer. A year ago, I would have said hell no. There are times when I just can't stand being in my head anymore. There are times when I hate that I'm so sensitive and that I can care so much for someone, because all of these things end in me being hurt beyond belief. But when I am in a relatively decent mood, I realize that the same things I hate about being INFP are the things I love about it. I know that one day, these traits are going to be of much more benefit than harm.
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I love it, I have finally found my home.
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I'm really happy to be an INFP, even more so since I discovered that's what I am and that I'm not weird, just different! I was really enjoying myself earlier walking round the library with headphones in thinking there might be other INFPs about too! As someone said though I was at a friend's last night and I got to feeling a bit low on energy and feeling like I needed to get away and reenergise and that was only with 3 other people! But mostly I really love it and like thinking and being me!
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This is kind of how I feel. I don't mind all of the other random craziness that is being an INFP, I guess, but I would like to be just a little more practical. I can't ever make big decisions comfortably, and it feels to me like I'm never getting anything done. I set up success for other people and move on to next new, fun thing. And, yeah, I'm having fun, but what does that get me in the long-term? Being an INFJ, I think, would make it a little easier for me to more responsibly prioritize and "settle down" more. (Plus, INFJs have a really cool function set.)

I guess really, though, that I just want to be a very healthy, well-rounded INFP. I want to develop the rest of my functions as much as possible. I think that would actually solve my "problem," for the most part. So I voted "No," but I really meant that I'm just not happy with the state I'm in now. (Always striving for perfection, I guess.)
i don't mind being an INFP, but I wish I were an INFJ. My P makes my life quite difficult to manage because I'm constantly and naturally looking for more information wherever possible. My fantasies of possibilities makes it hard to live in the moment.
I know what you mean. I actually thought that I was INFJ for a while, and now I'm coming to the realization that I'm actually a P. I like the imaginative, great thoughts I get, but the Ne just makes me scatterbrained, disorganized and indecisive. I really hate my ADD behavior, because I cannot focus and I can never finish anything I start, ever and because I'm an AVID daydreamer. I get distracted and I cannot manage time, which has resulting in many bad grades throughout school. I feel that my life would have turned out so much better if I had been an INFJ. I would probably be a little more assertive, more organized, and done much better in school. I would have accomplished so much more, and I probably wouldn't suffer from social anxiety or avoidant behavior either.

I wanted to believe I was INFJ so much because I felt attracted to the idea of being the" mysterious, wise, mystic prophet" who protects and defends the weak, which is what I've always fantasized about being. Their functions even sound more appealing to me. I find it hard to accept myself for who I am because I'm just so...unappealing, and irritating to people.

Don't get me wrong. INFP is a great type, but I just feel like I could have done much better in life if I were INFJ, or any kind of J for that matter.

I'm sorry for such a negative post.:sad:
i don't mind being an INFP, but I wish I were an INFJ. My P makes my life quite difficult to manage because I'm constantly and naturally looking for more information wherever possible. My fantasies of possibilities makes it hard to live in the moment.
I answered no aswell but as i read thru you guy's posts, i feel kinda guilty for doing so. The reason i answered no is because i have insecurities that prevent me from being confident. Self-acceptance and being confident is what i strive for in life, but the insecurities are so overwhelming sometimes.
Yes, I would not want to have any less emotions. However, I do wish I lived on a more loving planet.
Ha, I'd have to say no. I mean, I'm used to it and I like the good about it, whatever, but it'd be really great to be more assertive, competitive and a lot less shy. Best of all would be to have more control over my feelings/life by being less idealistic. Instead I tend to find myself in loops. What I mean is that, sometimes some shit happens, I idealize the situation or the meaning, and I get all excited about from it even if I'm completely conscious of my fantasizing. But it feels good, right? So, whatever. Then, the buzz wears off and I fully integrate that there was no meaning/whatever with whatever shit happened, and I get really low. 'Here we are again,' I think.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Blah. Part of me thinks it's not so bad being an INFP since somewhere in there I at least have the presence of mind to know better when I'm actin a fool, and I'm mostly functional all the time! But the other part of me thinks, enough already! On the other hand, we come back to assertiveness: What are most people's lives but fantasizing? Some people are much better than making dreams reality than others.

Regardless, though, the point I want to make is that I don't think the grass is necessarily greener on the other side: INFPs have a lot to work on, but so does everyone else. I may not looove being one, but I'll take it.
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