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Bouncing off the mall thread, what do INFPs think of food shopping?

I actually enjoy it, as long as it doesn't feel like too much of a chore. Just generally, it's fun for me to pick things out. I find all the colors and logos fairly stimulating, and I like finding new things, even that I'm not personally interested in. Finding good fresh food is especially nice, as it gets me excited to cook and eat healthy.

I also kinda don't mind the social aspect. (Given I don't see anybody I don't like...) It's sort of the lowest common denominator thing you can do, so therefore you come across all kinds. I really don't where else you can do that. The people watching is good, yet you can remain somewhat anonymous. I do however find the "after work" rush vibe to be kind of abrasive, so I prefer other times, like the weekend. Still, it's something fairly amusing to do, since I haven't been doing too much these days.
I used to love shopping with my husband. Store clerks enjoyed us, and a bag boy said to our son one day, "Oh, I know your parents, they're the ones who make out in the aisle!" Our son was mortified; he was 14.

Also, we did not "make out"; we were affection, bear hugs, giggly fun, nothing sexual at all, but the bag boy in question was also young, so that's what was on his mind, I guess.

Anyway, back then--before the health problems, small neighborhood store around the corner from our flat (favorite place to shop) I'd take a grocery list, make sure not to go hungry and skip buying what we didn't need; I had coupons in their own vinyl envelope.

I made nearly everything from scratch--meals from so many countries, so much of it vegetarian or I substituted tempeh and tofu and such to make truly delicious meals. I had a ball getting the ingredients--then heading to another, bigger store for the harder to find spices and such.

One store, on the outskirts of town? I price-compared, was into "simple living"; I did it all the time but one day the manager saw me with my notebook and pen, and he thought I was from a competitor and actually kicked me out of the store!

That is so funny now; what a paranoid goofball.

Well, skip ahead more than 20 years, got so many health problems, I only enjoy going with my husband when the only store we can shop in (tiny town here, so it's Walmart) is not crowded.

I get overwhelmed, overheated, over-stimulated... often have to use one of those slow, electric carts to get around.

Plus, we're nearly broke all the time; I can't cook any longer--the medications make it unsafe (fire hazard), and I'm on a strict diet.

Still, I have great memories of the days when I could go with my husband, say hi to familiar checkout clerks, make great purchases, save money, go home and spend time I didn't even count making delicious meals from recipes out of Laurel's Kitchen; Moosewood Cookbook, vegetarian magazines... and the homemade breads and cheesecakes, Greek and Asian foods galore.

Wow. I love this thread, tonight. :)
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