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I gave this a lot of thought in my teens and 20s, into my 30s some because I came up in the 60s and 70s inside a largely conservative family, neighborhoods, yet during a time of great social change including gender roles.

I think of myself--when I still think of it--as androgynous; I test male-brained and have skills that many still associate with being male whereas my husband doesn't possess the skills at all or he does but to a lesser degree.

Still, I had one child (barely, had to have my uterus removed--Cardinal ligaments didn't hold), and otherwise never got into the fem stuff naturally--I tried it all out: makeup, dresses, heels--not for long on those, and the rest; it didn't suit me so I gave it up.

That said, menstruation, bearing a child--no matter how difficult, and having breasts that drew (and still draw) unwanted attention (never showed cleavage, so I wasn't looking for it) leaves me no doubt as to assigned sex, as they say these days.

And coming up in the family and way I did, the roles were etched in stone, i.e. Ten Commandment kind of environment: Thou shalt go into the kitchen and make me meals and have no other tasks before thee kind of deal.
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