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Do you speak loudly?

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I am often told by just about everyone I know that I speak loudly. To the point where people tell me to stop yelling. I don't always speak this loud; it only happens when I am excited about something or an idea usually. Does this happen to any of the rest of you?
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My hearing is so sensitive, that I often have to tell people to stop yelling. I'm usually told that I need to slow down; the more excited I get, the faster I speak.
You would probably be a person to tell me to quiet down then.
No, I hate people who talk loud for no reason. It's like a bunch of baboons clamoring over each other to see which one gets the sparkly rock.
I'm sorry you don't like loud people. I think loud is more fun!

I really do not intend to be loud. It just happens by accident. But once someone tells me that I'm yelling then I realize and quiet down usually.
Huh? What's that you say?
hahaha! That made me laugh.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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