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Do you speak loudly?

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I am often told by just about everyone I know that I speak loudly. To the point where people tell me to stop yelling. I don't always speak this loud; it only happens when I am excited about something or an idea usually. Does this happen to any of the rest of you?
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Oh yes. Apparently I talk loudly in my sleep as well. I don't talk loudly to seek attention, or to reach the sparkly rock or whatever. It's just that I'm usually excited about something or explaining my thoughts and I don't pay attention to the volume. Inside voices are overrated.
No, I totally fail as an E in this regard. My voice is typically quiet, but gets to normal when I am in a good mood and can get really loud if I'm excited.
I love to hear my own voice so I make sure nothing is louder :)
Frustratingly so... though it's mostly when I'm excited about something (which is pretty much ALL the time lol). I HATE when someone gestures for me to lower my voice (usually by doing the palm down hand wave), mostly because I don't usually realize I'm getting loud. Also, gestures like that almost always make me want to get louder, just to be annoying.

My thing is, if I say something (instead of just thinking) that might offend/hurt someone, just because I say it quietly I shouldn't assume that person won't eventually hear it anyway... so I don't say anything I might regret later (I may feel bad for the way I said it) because I think regrets are a waste of time.
i yell because it helps people understand better, especially when english isnt their first language.

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Absolutely. I hate being talked over...
Yeah definitely.
I've been told to "use my inside voice" since kindergarten...

My voice softens whenever I'm scared, though.
Like when I had my first part-time job serving food, my voice would be so quiet whenever I would talk to my tables.
I don't think I do honestly. Although I do think I have always found it hard to moderate my voice and I've spoken loudly in churches but beyond that I do not.
I talk really loudly. But I'm from Glasgow and that's apparently a Glaswegian thing!
I've always imagined ENTPs to speak softly but strongly simultaneously. Calm&Cool but definitely heard...
I is not ENTP - but every single one that I have known has failed to provide an "indoor voice" when they start talking about something. One of my best friend's is an ENTP and his INTJ wife is constantly saying, "shhh! lower your voice!"

I find it pretty hilarious myself. You guys are just so darn entertaining when you get going on a topic. :)
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