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I notice that many people who take the "hard determinist" position on the "free will" problem will admit that in their daily lives, they still behave and feel & experience "free will", even if through lots of scrutiny they are able to conclude that there is no such thing.

I feel like a "weirdo" in the sense that I do not experience "free will." In terms of subjective experience, the very concept of "free will" is foreign to me. I do not experience "choice" over my desires and behaviors. All of the things I say are merely things I've concluded based on reflecting upon what I did. With me, it's not "I think, there for I am", but rather "I do, therefore I think".

As for my "objective" position on free will, I am undecided. Although you are free to share your position on free will, I'm more interested in in what people subjectively experience.

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I think I believe in determinism but I also believe that we can't know what is going to happen because we are not omniscient beings.
It is because we do not know everything that we have to believe we have a choice.
Because if we do not, we are not free and there is only chaos.

I don't actually know what you mean by 'experiencing free will'.
It is my will to post this.
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