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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce?

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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce? I could see there being one... with certain types being at least slightly more likely. But yet, it would also depend on the type they are married to as well.
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I don't believe there is. Too many variables are associated with divorce, type is probably at the bottom of the list. Even though there is a correlation, most likely it doesn't tell us anything.
i agree to this to this, it could be that it is a factor or a part of it but not as a whole reason for divorce. There is money, values, cultural backgrounds, expectations, socio economic status, health, abuse that can affect a marraige. I think if two people want to make it work, they'll make it work but some are just too late to fix.
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One thing I can say for sure is ' S ' and ' N ' don't go hand in hand. Conflicting opinions and arguments everyday is by no means a pretty sight. can you be so sure of this. I have seen S and N relationships work. My mom is an ESFJ and my stepdad an ENTJ, 11 years their relationship works and they may have their moments and I mean my mum does most of the arguing but my stepdad has this magic power to dissolve any argument. Whereas my mum and i who are both Fs clash big time. Or it cld just be a mum and daughter thing. My partner is ISTP and I am iNFJ, 2 years
we hardly argue but we debate and we talk about things and i know we will never agree on some things. My partner's parents are ENFJ and ISTJ and they have been together 50 years. I think it depends if the two parties want to make it work or not.
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