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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce?

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Do you think there is a correlation between type and divorce? I could see there being one... with certain types being at least slightly more likely. But yet, it would also depend on the type they are married to as well.
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I guess what I'm thinking of is that if you did research based on certain types being married and the quality of their relationship...

So, for example and ISFP with an ENFJ... better chances of working or not? What is the stats of a ISFP with a ENTP?

Could turn out interesting.... but I guess what I'm looking at is more of pairings and not necessarily that "ESFJs are more likely to get divorced. Period."

I could see an N with N or S with S dynamic working best though.... because otherwise the N with the S will always yearn for more depth that the S may not fully be able to provide.
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I was married for 13 years. It took me years to finally get married and when I did... it never seemed quite right. I felt like I was alone in my thoughts most of the time. I felt like I was trying to go along with the "fun", even tho I felt it was uninteresting and shallow. At first, I thought it was fun to be with an ESFP. He was lighthearted - unselfconscious - lived for the moment. It was such a different outlook on lilfe that I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame!! Unfortunately, when "life" came into focus - I mean daily life, babies, bills, meals, priorities, responsibilities.... I was all alone. Very very alone. I had the weight of the world on myself and any time I wanted to talk about things, or try to plan things, I was made to feel like a "stick in the mud" - like a prude with standards. It was an aweful time in my life. I knew that every time I tried to make myself understood it was like planting a rose in a sandlot; there was nothing inherent to the environment of the soul I was speaking to that would ever allow it to take root and blossom. I gave up a year ago. We had two kids who I have guarded with my life against anything negative, and here I submitted them to a divorce.... What I know now, without a doubt, is that I am so much happier that I can't even explain it. I feel like a real person again. My daughter has stopped feeling anxious, my son has commented on how "peaceful" our new home feels when we walk in at the end of the day.... I will never forgive myself for making such a selfish decision to marry the wrong person in the first place however - and i do NOT blame him for who he is - I am absolutely positive that he will be happier too, when he finds the right match somewhere along the line.
I can see that's about how I would be if I ended up with my ESFP guy friend....... or if I would have stayed with my ISFP ex or ESTJ ex. I'd always be longing for that deeper level of understanding.
There are too many variables to tell for sure. I would assume that extraverted types dominant in Ne, Se, Te would be most comfortable with making a new move, moving out of an old relationship, meeting a new person and developing a new relationship.

Overall I would say that types that are most likely to divorce would also be those that are least happy in the relationship. This depends on their partner as well. As far as MBTI goes here are some statistics. I'm not going to re-type this so I'll just post up a picture. Nitou is right in that two SJs together report higher satisfaction. NF-NF pairing is not far behind and next best choice for NFs is NTs. Seems NTs report to be happiest when paired with NFs and next best choice is other NTs. Both NFs and NTs don't seem to be so happy when in relationships with SJs. Lowest mutual satisfaction in relationships was reported between STJ and NFP partners. This is all on average of course.

Where did you get that info from???
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